Battery Pack for Wireless Operation of Tattoo Machines- Rca (Black)

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Product parameters:
1. Material: aluminum alloy + acrylic, the middle part is aluminum alloy, laser logo can be engraved
2. Appearance: three-dimensional, square;
2. Charging time: fast charge, 1.5-2 hours can be fully charged;
3. Use time: under normal 4 gear 8V voltage condition, the voltage stable state can continue to use for about 6 hours;
4. LCD display content: output voltage range + battery usage;
5. Lithium battery capacity: total capacity is 1650 mAh, built-in 3 550 mAh lithium batteries;
6. Function:
1. Comes with memory function: when the power is turned on, the V number of the power supply is the V number when the power was turned off last time;
2. Pause function: press O key to pause, then press again to start work;
3. Universal charging port: Most Android USB data cables on the market are universal;

Power parameters:
1. Input: The charging port is powered by a USB data cable. The built-in battery is 3 pieces, 550mA / piece, 3.7V battery, and the output current is fixed at 1A;
2. Output: Power supply to external equipment through RCA interface or DC interface, voltage range: (1-8 gear corresponds to 5-12V) Press + or-key to switch voltage gear, 5V is the lowest voltage, 1 gear corresponds 5V, 2 gears correspond to 6V, and so on, 8 gears correspond to 12V;
3. Electricity storage: fast charge through the matched fast charge USB data cable, normally it can be fully charged in 1.5-2 hours, full charge is 4 grids, and it can be used normally for 5-6 hours with 8V working, the voltage is stable, The last remaining battery needs to be charged to ensure the use time;
4. Packing: contains: power supply * 1 data cable * 1 English manual * 1 packing box * 1

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